You might be living with elderly parents or caring for them with regular visits. Either way, you are undoubtedly constantly checking for things that might be a safety risk for falls or injuries. Bathrooms and showers are prime candidates, so here are some tips, such as the use of a swivel shower chair and seat wedge cushion, to keep your loved ones safe!

Financial Assistance

Did you know that you can get financial assistance from the Assistive Devices Program (Ontario residents only) for Mobility Devices such as wheeled walkers, manual and power Wheelchairs? They do not cover seats and chair lifts unless they are used for accessing a wheelchair. You can also contact your local Ontario Disability Support Program office and speak to your Ontario Disability Support Program worker. They can explain what disability-related items are approved. It is not always easy to find a list on their website, so contacting them is best.

In addition, your Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services can guide on what disability-related items are approved.

Helpful Tip #1

Slip risks, restricted mobility, instability and lack of energy is a scary combination for the elderly. Reduce the risk of slipping but redoing the elderly persons’ bathroom floor with tiles with a textured or ‘rough’ floor. Not too rough to cause a trip hazard or damage to thin skin.

Helpful Tip #2

If you can’t afford to redo the entire floor, then invest in some non-slip floor tape. 3M manufactures a range, as does NAC Safety.

Helpful Tip #3

Install non-slip floor mats, not any other kind of mat. Avoid thick mats as they become trip hazards. Also, ensure there is no curling up at the corners or use quality double-sided carpet tape to stick the corners down.

Helpful Tip #4

Adapt the shower to be a walk-in shower or replace the bath with a walk-in shower.

Helpful Tip #5

Place a non-slip swivel shower chair in the shower. Sitting in the shower makes cleaning a lot easier, and the swivel makes accessing soaps and exiting much easier. Add a seat wedge cushion for more stabilising support. If you place a towel over the seat, you can give your loved one a helpful sponge bath.

Helpful Tip #6

Install a handheld showerhead which makes it super easy to shower while sitting. It also means less moving around and less risk of slipping.

Having assistive equipment makes caring for your elderly or disabled loved ones so much easier. Use a swivel shower chair and seat wedge cushion to make shower times less stressful, quicker and more comfortable.

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