Bathroom & Shower Safety Tips for Seniors and Carers

You might be living with elderly parents or caring for them with regular visits. Either way, you are undoubtedly constantly checking for things that might be a safety risk for falls or injuries. Bathrooms and showers are prime candidates, so here are some tips, such as the use of a swivel shower chair and seat […]

Why Hand Bars Are Essential in Every Bathroom

There are many reasons why having bathroom grab bars is essential for any public bathroom, hospital, hotel, and home. Showing our love and support to those who require extra assistance when it comes to getting around has a huge impact on their confidence and independence. Here we’ve provided a little information on grab bars and […]

Get Financing for Your Assistive Home Care Equipment

Despite many folk complaining about old age, it actually is the prime time of your life. You finally have time to sit and ponder things that are important to you. You are wiser and, therefore, you don’t let other people’s issues mess with your mojo. The kids have flown the coop making your needs priority […]