Despite many folk complaining about old age, it actually is the prime time of your life. You finally have time to sit and ponder things that are important to you. You are wiser and, therefore, you don’t let other people’s issues mess with your mojo. The kids have flown the coop making your needs priority #1. Sometimes the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak – and that is where we can help you. Whether it’s a bath lift chair, a swivel shower chair or a reacher grabber, we have a diverse range of aids to make daily life easier.

Budgeting For Home Adjustments

Getting new equipment can require budgets ranging small to quite sizeable. Luckily for us, the Government has the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation Home Adaptations for Seniors Independence Program, known as HASI.

In short, it is a funding solution for homeowners and landlords to facilitate independent living via minor home adjustments. To qualify, homeowners or the tenants of landlords must meet the following criteria:

Finance Package Offered

The package offered, subject to qualifying for it, is in the form of a grant, with conditions, to the maximum amount of $3,500. Repayment is waivered (a forgivable loan) if you occupy that home for six months. In a tenant-landlord living arrangement, the landlord must sign to not increase rent because of the adjustments.

The package will cover minor items which assist with age-related disabilities, e.g. a super pole and bar for standing up from bed; walk-in showers with grab bars; bathtub grab bars and seats.

It is important to note that the adaptations become fixtures of the dwelling. In addition, if you do the work before the written approval of the loan approval is received, then the equipment will not be covered by the grant.

Packages For Bigger Adjustments To Your Home

If structural changes for wheelchair access are needed, you should approach the Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program for Persons with Disabilities. There might be differences in grants from region to region, so find out the parameters relevant to your area before planning change.

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