There are many reasons why having bathroom grab bars is essential for any public bathroom, hospital, hotel, and home. Showing our love and support to those who require extra assistance when it comes to getting around has a huge impact on their confidence and independence.

Here we’ve provided a little information on grab bars and why they make a difference.

Why Grab Bars Are So Important  

There are many reasons why grab bars are crucial to providing independence and promoting self-confidence. They help you to steady yourself when walking across wet floors or standing in a slippery shower. But best of all, they boost the level of safety and accessibility of your bathroom to accommodate those that are weakened or disabled.

Elderly people especially dislike needing assistance when it comes to taking care of their personal hygiene. It’s completely understandable because these were simple, everyday tasks for them once, and now they rely upon someone else.

When they have access to bathroom hand bars, they’re able to lower and push themselves back up, make their way around the bathroom and possibly even shower unassisted! Allowing your loved ones the freedom to once again depend on themselves for something, no matter how small, makes a huge difference and can make them feel happier and much more confident.

Different Types Of Bathroom Grab Bars 

Safety rails, shower bars, handrails, they’re all bathroom grab bars that have been mounted to a wall or ceiling to assist those that need something sturdy to lean on to support their weight, keep them balanced or stop them from falling.

These days there are many different types of grab bars available. Like, fold away grab bars and drop-down steel bars. These grab bars are great for all bathrooms because not only is it sturdy and perfect for side-transfers from a wheelchair, but those who don’t need it can simply lift and push it against the wall to free up space in the shower and beside the toilet.

Although quite similar, there are slight differences between fold-away grab bars and drop-down steel bars. Drop-down steel bars look like flattened tubes, and they’re made this way to provide a larger surface for people to lean on. Unlike the fold-away bars, these have a solid mechanism that can be used to lock the bar in place when it’s not being used.

Foldaway grab rails are a great replacement for old bars that have sharp edges and corners. When someone uses a bathroom grab rail, they usually shift most of their weight towards the bar when reaching for it.

Slightly misjudging where you should grip can result in injuring yourself on one of the sharp corners, which can be very painful. Therefore, foldaway bars are curved so that it’s easy to grip onto without getting nabbed by those corners! 

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